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This DNN module enables you to use a GroupMe based chat (see on your website.


Just install the module, add it to your site and configure all settings.

Available settings

  • GroupMe Target Group ID: The group Id from the group you want to display on your website
  • AccessToken to load messages: As the messages are loaded not based on user-requests (especially if there are many users online, this would end up in thousends of requests), you need to configure a single account (mostly the developers account) to enable the message loading. This account must be present in the group, otherwise the message-reading would not work.
  • GroupMe Application Redirect URL: This is the URL which is displayed at the GroupMe application settings for your application. Just copy and paste it from there. see for more information.


As soon as the module is placed on your page and is configured properly, it will start polling for new messages posted in the GroupMe chat room.

Please be aware of the fact, that there is no automatic 'add to group' mechanism currently, so all users who want to write a message should have joined the group already.

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